Install the KATLAS Android App!.

A custodial wallet will be allocated in this node for your convenience. Even though we will safeguard your private data stored in your wallet you don't have to trust us.

Choose any of the following sources:

Android APK installer from this node. (You might have to manually bypass security protections in your phone)
Android installer from Google Play

For enhanced privacy clone this node (steps below). The connect the app to your wallet backend on your own trusted computation infrastructure.

Clone this node

. Use your own hardware for maximum privacy. This link will help you to setup your node featuring * debian GNU/Linux OS * a public p2p protocol for consensus * a private p2p protocol for wallets (trading). * optional allocation of guest-wallets, as a service to others (newbies) using the (easier for onboarding) RPC interface (console, browser, desktop or mobile). * 1 non-custodial wallet.

Custodial wallets

This node custody user wallets for users that chose to create a custodial wallet instead of running one on their trusted computation infrastructure.

Custodial wallet deletion service

You can delete your custodial wallet allocated here anytime, and with it all the data we store about you on your behalf.

Until wallet deletion is implemented in the app we can offer you an alternative way. Simply send an email stating your request and the wallet id you want to delete (its QR code). We will respond with further instructions on how to sign a test message provided by us in order to verify the legitimacy of the request. If the test succeed we will delete your wallet allocated here and all its backup copies we might have.

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